Physical Therapy Evaluation

This is our bread-and-butter. You'll be evaluated from head to toe in order to best determine how we can help you meet your goals. The evaluation will include:

  • A detailed subjective history

  • Functional testing, objective measures, and movement assessments to get to the root of the issue

  • An individualized plan of action (with your input) to get you on the right path back to health

  • A concise and goal-driven exercise program emailed to you including pictures, video links, and individualized directions so that there's no guesswork to your home exercise program

Physical Therapy Visit

Once you go through your detailed evaluation and a goal-driven plan of care is developed, you'll then be ready to schedule your 1 hour follow up visits. These visits are 100% with your physical therapist at all times, no passing off to an aide or PTA . The number of follow ups will vary based on your condition/injury and the time frame it'll take to best achieve your goals. Packages are available to help design the best treatment plan for you and your rehab needs.

Movement & Performance Screen


ACL Return To Sport Programming


This is for all individuals and athletes, whether you're injured or not. We'll use principles from the Selective Functional Movement Screen (SFMA) in addition to a battery of evidence based functional testing, our standardized approach to movement correction. While we can't fully prevent injuries from occurring, we can pick out impairments or limitations that could rear their ugly head down the line. And whether you're already dealing with an injury or if you just want to get on a program to stay healthy, this is the choice for you

We all know the drill: go to a traditional physical therapy office for the first few months, get “discharged” because your insurance won’t cover services anymore, and be left on your own trying to figure out how to get back to playing the sport you love. It’s an all too common occurrence that finally has a solution! Dr. Dahdul specializes in ACL rehabilitation and has a passion for getting athletes back to above their pre-injury levels. Receive the guidance you deserve as you make your way back to the field/court and don’t leave your recovery up to chance! We utilize the most cutting edge, scientific approach to ACL rehab and will help you become a stronger and more resilient athlete in the process!