What Our

Clients Are


We strive to offer patient-centered care because we know how important your health is to you. But don't take our word for it. Check out what our past and current clients have to say about the treatment they received from Ignite Phyzio and the impact it's had on their lives.

"I started seeing Ziad for a hip injury that had sidelined me from my daily workouts.  His knowledge, care and professionalism are impressive.  Every session he would review my progression and asked how I felt things were responding. He provided great videos of all the movements he wanted me to work on to improve and in a few short months there was great improvement.  When I unfortunately had to move out of the area Ziad even researched and recommended a therapist for me in Singapore. That is service!  I can not thank you enough Ziad for all your help."

- Mary S.

"Ziad is a Gem! Excellent in every way.

He has a distinct insight of the anatomy and brings it to the table (literally). A sharp observer and troubleshoots areas throughout each treatment.

My first assessment appointment it was pretty clear my hip muscles were in need of serious work. I was extremely tight and not capable of moving correctly. Once Ziad diagnosed my condition he implemented a plan with accelerated exercises based on my capabilities, he started breaking down the layers of bundled muscle tension and before that session was over my mobility was completely reversed in that hour. I was amazed at how well I felt after my first session.

He then gave me stretches and exercises and I love the idea of email method for homework assignments that he offers.

He is very perceptive about my goals and is great to work with. Ziad has helped me with my hip impingement and I am pain free after a handle full of visits!  More importantly he has made me understand the importance of mobility. He has been instrumental in teaching me proper movement mechanics. For this, I maintain regular scheduled appointments with him to maintain and break up all my “stuck” muscle fibers. He most certainly is excellent at releasing inflammation. I am so grateful in his ability to make me feel great again!

I recommend Ziad’s services which range from injury evaluation, release techniques to mobility programs designed specifically for each individual.

His PT scheduling is flexible, he is kind and a wealth of knowledge!  Book your appointment now and start feeling your best in his care!"

- Marisa R.

"I have had two right shoulder labrum surgeries and seen few physical therapists for pre and post operative therapy. Ziad gave me a specific program for my shoulder and increased the motion in my right shoulder. He has also helped me with my neck pain. Now I am moving more freely and have the confidence to continue to do my job at work and do what I love, Crossfit!"

- Sig L.

"Dr. Ziad helped me achieve my goal of playing college softball.  I tore my ACL in high school and within 4 months I was back on the playing field.  We laid out a plan and timeline and he pushed me to achieve my goals. He is knowledgeable, compassionate and caring.  Top notch physical therapist for all ages."

- Taylor O.

"Ziad came highly recommended from several physicians and nurses as the BEST physical therapist and he lived up to the high expectations. Ziad is a knowledgable and, most importantly, caring healthcare provider. He puts the interests of his patients above his own. I was in excruciating back pain where surgery was looming and likely. Thanks to his exceptional care and knowledge, I was able to not only avoid surgery but Ziad helped me get back to my healthy lifestyle. More than two years after seeing him, I have resumed surfing, skiing and playing with my young and active children. Lastly, my favorite thing about Ziad is that he did not merely spend 10 or 15 minutes with me and then pass me off; he either stayed with me or carefully observed me the entire time that I was conducting my therapy. Quite simply, Ziad is one of the finest therapist in the field."

- Matt D.