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What We Do

At Ignite Phyzio, we strive to provide the most efficient rehab experience available. Our concierge model is what makes the Ignite experience different:

  • 1 one 1, hour-long visits with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. No treatments performed by aides of PTAs

  • 100% individualized treatment plan based on YOUR goals and needs. No cookie cutter approach to your care

  • Athletic and active setting, meaning you’ll be pushed to maximize your function and performance utilizing ONLY scientifically-backed interventions

  • Treatment plan is dictated by YOU, not an insurance company. For this reason, we do not directly bill insurance except for Medicare

  • Our model has proven to get people better…faster! Our average episode of care (6-7 visits) is significantly lower than the traditional PT model and will save you time AND money in the long run!

Because we emphasis quality of care and efficiency, we can optimize your care to get you back to doing the things you love much faster than the traditional health care model.


Injury Prevention

Why wait to get hurt before you become the best you? We design programs to keep you active, healthy, and happy so that you can live a pain-free life. We'll take your health history, lifestyle, and day to day demands into account to tailor an individualized approach to keeping you as healthy as possible.

Sports Performance

No matter your sport, we work tirelessly to get you back to your pre-injury levels and beyond. This means individualized, sport-specfic approaches to your care with an emphasis on elite level performance. We'll look at the requirements of your sport and reverse engineer how to best prepare you for those demands in order to limit time away from your sport.

ACL Rehabilitation/Prevention

We utilize an evidence based approach to help you achieve our pre-injury levels. Our ACL rehab program is structured to promote improved healing and to decrease the chance of a subsequent injury ever occurring again. And each program is designed with you in mind.

Additionally, we don't wait for an ACL injury to happen before we take action. We take a preventative approach by utilizing a thorough injury prevention screen to indentify potential risk factors. We'll then design an individiualized, comprehensive training program for each client to address any impairments and reduce the chance of suffering an ACL injury.

Pain Management

Have you been dealing with a nagging injury that just doesn't want to go away? Have you dealt with chronic pain for years and years without relief? We know how frustating it is to be passed through the health care system from one provider to the next without a solution. If you've tried it all and just can't seem to shake that stubborn pain, our holistic approach will help you get to the root of the problem...instead of treating symptoms

Movement Screening

No one likes to get hurt, especially when it's something that could have been prevented. We all have injury histories that contribute to how we currently function. With that in mind, we utilize principles from the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) in addition to the most recent research to allow us to decrease your risk for injury and improve your function and performance. That information will help us tailor a program that includes corrective exercise and mobility techniques to give you the tools to be your own solution.

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Our Philosophy


Historically, traditional physical therapy involves a few minutes with your therapist before he/she has to move on to the next patient, passing you off to an aide to finish the rest of your treatment. Ultimately, you'll complete your treatment with a passive modality like ice or heat that usually isn't necessary for your injury or ailment. 

At Ignite, the approach is simple: we only prescribe interventions that provide value to the person in front of us. You'll never receive treatment that isn't 100% personalized and tailored to your goals. The moment your visit starts, you'll be the only focus the entire time, as we do not double book or have multiple patients present at once. And every visit will include hands on care and scientifically backed exercise prescription, allowing you to feel better faster. Our concierge based models allows us to provide only the care we deem best for you, not what's dictated by your insurance company.

Additionally, you'll have 24/7 access to your therapist via text/email in order to answer any questions that will inevitably arise. This includes updating your exercise program, solving the tricky "should I be doing this?" conundrums, and even meeting you at your gym/sports setting/home for consultations if the situation presents itself.

Dr. Dahdul believes in empowering patients to be advocates for their own health. By being available to guide patients when issues pop up, he can help you make informed and educated decisions about your health. This includes helping you find the right practitioner when your issue is beyond the scope of physical therapy so that you know how to best navigate the health care system. 

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Manual Therapy

We use techniques that are not just passive in nature. Your 1 on 1 treatment will include soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilization, neuromuscular re-education, and movement pattern re-training. Dr. Dahdul believes in a multi-modal approach to care, meaning your visit will always include some type of hands on treatment that will be selected based on the client's needs. 

Dr. Dahdul utilizes active release strategies, muscle lengthening, and movement with mobilization, adding an active component to your hands on care to facilitate improved results and pain-free movement.

By decreasing pain and improving mobility through the power of touch, the goal is to put your health back into your hands so you can live the life you want.

Therapeutic Exercise

Plain and simple, our goal is to get you moving as effectively as possible. We approach our exercise prescription from a strength and conditioning background, designing your program to reach your targeted goals for life, sport, or desired activity level. Function is the name of the game and we make sure your exercise program is functional at all times.

You'll NEVER be left alone wondering if you're doing your exercises correctly. Our 1 on 1 model allows your therapist to be with you at all times, guiding you through an individually designed exercise program to reach your goals as quickly as possible.

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Balance and Fall Prevention

We all have loved ones who have difficulty with their balance and mobility as they get older. There are many factors that contribute to fall risk, such as decreased strength, limited mobility, diminished coordination, and even impaired vestibular function. We'll assess you from head to toe using standardized measures and tools to ensure we decrease your risk of falls. If you've already had a fall or want to prevent one from happening, our individualized approach will keep you active and safe for many years to come.


Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

Dr. Dahdul is a level 1 certified SFMA practitioner. The SFMA is a movement based diagnostic system that is designed to efficiently identify pain-causing mobility and strength limitations. We will break down common movements to find out what the underlying dysfunction is that is causing your pain. Once we determine the source of your pain, we'll utilize this information to design a rehabilitative program consisting of manual therapy and exercise to get rid of your pain and improve your function.  

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

We know that injuries come in all shapes and sizes, each one having a profound effect on each individual's life. Whether you have back or neck pain from sitting at your desk, knee pain from climbing the stairs, elbow/wrist pain from using the computer, we have the expertise and experience to get you back to doing the things you love again. You'll work with a board certified orthopedic specialist who will use an evidence-based approach to care to help you reach your goals as quickly as we possibly can.


Rock Tape

We utilize kinesiology taping as a way to help decrease pain, increase joint awareness, and improve performance. While the tape is not a cure-all by any means, it will serve as a supplement to the evidence-based care you'll receive in order to optimize movement and function. Rock Tape's elastic properties help to decrease pain, improve swelling/ inflammation, decrease muscle tone, and improve joint proprioception by providing a light lifting of the skin from the underlying muscle and fascia.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

— Benjamin Franklin


What Our

Clients Are


We strive to offer patient-centered care because we know how important your health is to you. But don't take our word for it. Check out what our past and current clients have to say about the treatment they received from Ignite Phyzio and the impact it's had on their lives.


“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”

— Jerry Rice


Who We Are


Ignite Phyzio was founded by Dr. Ziad Dahdul, who is a board certified orthopedic specialist and sports physical therapist. He received his doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Southern California and bachelor's of science in Kinesiology from Cal State Fullerton. 

Dr. Dahdul's approach to treatment involves looking at the individual as a whole person and not as an injured body part. His approach is driven by the motto "assess, don't guess". This allows Dr. Dahdul to get to the root of the issue efficiently so you can get back to your goals as quickly as possible. 

He has spent nearly a decade helping high level competitive athletes return to their sport better than ever. He's also passionate about helping bring out the athlete in everyone, whether that involves bouncing back from injury or proactively preventing one from happening.

Regardless of your background, age, or activity level, Dr. Dahdul has one goal: to help you become the best version of yourself and IGNITE your passion for health.

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Ziad Dahdul, PT, DPT, OCS, SFMA

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

SFMA Level 1 certified

Sports Physical Therapist

Ziad grew up in Southern California playing basketball and baseball competitively. His passion for sports is what drove him to become a physical therapist and work with athletes of all types. 

He's worked with local high school and collegiate teams on the importance of injury prevention and taking a proactive approach to health.

As a physical therapist, he has experience working in basketball, baseball, football, softball, soccer, tennis, and golf. He's also worked extensively with runners, weight lifters, and Crossfit athletes. 

Ziad has a passion for working with overhead athletes and those rehabbing from ACL reconstructions. He has researched and worked extensively with high school and college athletes post ACL reconstruction, allowing them to return to their sports at the highest level. He has also worked with overhead athletes (baseball/softball, swimming, volleyball) from the youth to professional levels. 



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This serves as Dr. Dahdul's main treatment location, available 7 days per week by appointment. Ausletics is THE definition of a functional training facility, primarily a Crossfit box that focuses on the whole person to help you train safely and effectively. Current members of Ausletics will receive a discounted rate. Click below for more information OR to get scheduled today!


NXTLVL Sport & Fitness

To better serve the north Orange County market, Dr. Dahdul also sees patients and clients at NXTLVL Sport & Fitness in La Habra, CA. This hybrid training facility offers bootcamp classes, Crossfit classes, and has traditional gym equipment to serve all of your fitness and training needs. Current members of NXTLVL will receive a discounted rate. Click below for more information OR to get scheduled today!

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The Warehouse Sports

Dr. Dahdul currently sees clients at this state-of-the-art sports training facility, which is conveniently located in La Mirada, CA. The Warehouse is the premier softball and baseball training facility in Orange County and is a one stop shop for all team sports athletes! Current members of The Warehouse Sports will receive a discounted rate. Click below for more information OR to get scheduled today!

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The Fantasy Doctors

Dr. Dahdul provides injury analysis for The Fantasy Doctors, the premier fantasy sports injury website. Click the link below to read some of Ziad's work and to check out this amazing resource.

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Ignite Phyzio & Sports Performance is a concierge gym-based and mobile practice.

Prefer to be seen at your home? We got you covered. We serve all of Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

Need to have your treatment at a gym to meet your goals? We have that taken care of as well.

We have three Orange County affiliates, Ausletics in Brea (primary location), NXTLVL Sport & Fitness in La Habra, and The Warehouse Sports in La Mirada.  


*California is a direct access state for physical therapy. The physical therapist can treat a patient for 45 days or 12 visits, whichever comes first, before requiring a prescription from an MD.